Crack Me If You Can

Home is where the heart is,

We produce the most delicious eggs in the country.

With Our Happy chickens, happy eggs and happy tummy.


Everybody knows eggs, but nobody loves them like we do.

We’ve decided to shake up this delightful everyday staple( oooww a yummy protein shake, sounds delish)


Be playful and frivolous, what we’re super eggcited about is the introduction of our barn eggs, the posh kids of the egg world,

are treated like royalty. Our mama hens are free to rule the roost and we encourage them to have a clucking good time!


So welcome to the wonderful world of Chez Eggz. We promise to deliver loads of silly egg puns, oodles of frivolous fun,

yummy recipes and cool competitions. Oh, and our eggs are darn good too!